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Easy Plant-Based Cooking For Two

Delicious Vegan Recipes To Enjoy Together

In Easy Plant-Based Cooking for Two: Delicious Vegan Recipes to Enjoy Together, chef Lei Shishak shares 80 extraordinarily delicious meat-free recipes. From morning beverages to baked goods, breakfast to lunch, mid-day snacks to sides, dinner to dessert, this book is a must-have for plant-forward enthusiasts, plant-based dieters, vegans, veg-curious, and anyone in between!

Beach House Dinners

Simple, Summer-Inspired Meals For Entertaining Year‑Round

Dinner is the most home-cooked meal of the day. We gather in the kitchen, open up a great cookbook and see what ingredients we have in our pantry. Our devices are off, work is done for the day and we get ready to make and share an amazing meal. Beach House Dinners: Simple, Summer-Inspired Meals For Entertaining Year-Round celebrates these moments.

Featured Recipes

Cucumber Limeade

Cucumber Mint Limeade

This is a great any-day, any-season cocktail with a clean, light flavor The cucumber, mint, and lime combine perfectly to create a refreshing beverage...

Golden Butter Cupcakes with Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream

Golden Butter Cupcakes with Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream

This delicious moist vanilla cupcake highlights the delicate floral flavor of vanilla I recommend using Madagascar vanilla for its purity and depth of...

Champagne Raspberry Sorbet

Champagne Raspberry Sorbet

After making the sorbet mixture, I made sure to test its sugar content with my refractometer, a handy tool that measures the sugar content (Brix) of...